Weight loss is not just about food.  But you knew that already...

At IdealAccessMD, we believe that true health is a state where both your body AND your mind are healthy.  We believe that weight loss isn't just a numbers game - its a shift in mindset.  So much of our behavior is dictated by patterns, triggers and blocks in our minds.  So, when someone tells you losing weight is as easy as "eating healthy and exercising right," we genuinely do not think that's the whole story behind those  pounds you have been trying to lose.  

We have been working hard over the past several months to develop a program that, at its heart, is meant to help you do the inner work to be your outer best. You are meant to love yourself, be happy with who you see looking back at you, to have lots of energy and to live your best life.   

We have created a program that truly is designed to help you become more mindful, experience less stress and understand the triggers that keep you in not-so-healthy patterns of eating and living.  

Introducing TRANSFORM:  A 12-week weight loss coaching program, overseen by a medical doctor, that focuses on the mind and body.

Transform your mind. The weight loss will follow.

With TRANSFORM, you will experience:

  • Initial one-on-one consultation to review your history and goals

  • Full physical exam including baseline labs and biometrics 

  • Mediation and yoga classes to address stress relief and the minds role in successfully reaching your weight loss goals

  • Weekly group coaching sessions

  • Monthly individual 30-minute phone check-ins

  • A Facebook support community

  • A kick start "body reset" detox week to cleanse the body

  • Whole food recipes and meal plans

  • Program cost includes first 30 days of recommended supplements 

  • Post program physical exam including follow-up labs

​What's more, you will receive full access to IdealAccessMD's primary care services during the 12-week program.

During the course of the 12-week program, you will receive full support from Dr. Hyder, a board certified internist and Michele Thill, FMCHC, NBC-HWC, a national board certified functional medicine health coach.

Michele Thill,  FMCHC, NBC-HWC

National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Michele received her certification as a functional medicine health coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy which is affiliated with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), a world-renowned organization that teaches medical doctors how to restore health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.

Additionally, she is accredited by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC), a National Board of Medical Examiners partner organization.

Michele’s mission is to help transform individuals through their own weight loss journey and maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Michele has a rich history of weight loss coaching that spans over 17 years. Her own weight loss journey started with a program that helped her lose 40lbs. She recognized that weight loss wasn’t only about what she lost but about what she gained - a stronger immune system, more vitality, increased self-confidence and so much more. It was this realization that launched her into a career as a weight loss coach.

Through her career as a coach, Michele has helped hundreds of others successfully transform through their own weight loss journey, not only losing the weight but keeping it off for good.

The Transform program Michele has developed in conjunction with Dr. Hyder is based on whole foods, healthier habits, high-quality nutritional supplements, sustainable habits and mindfulness.


TRANSFORM is not a diet.  We think you have plenty of those to choose from already. We do not have magic pills or synthetic packets of food to give you.  We fundamentally believe in solid nutrition, a good foundation of supplements and in YOU.  We will help you learn how to eat well, of course.  But we want even more to help you BE well.   We believe that with the right support, community and expertise, EVERYONE can be that version of themselves they are most happy with.  Join us.  It is our privilege to help you on this journey.  

Transform Program Pricing


Initial consultation fee - $257
12-week program - $997

IdealAccessMD Members receive $150 off the total program costs.  


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