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Local MD is Changing the Face of Healthcare in Her Community

Schaumburg’s Own Dr. Fatima Hyder is Using an Innovative Practice Style to Bring Better Healthcare to Her Community

Schaumburg, IL - Dr. Fatima Hyder may look like your average doctor; however, the suburban physician is paving the way for the future of healthcare, striving to change how the average consumer accesses primary healthcare. Dr. Hyder has opened Schaumburg’s first membership based primary care clinic. After years of practicing in the inpatient setting, Dr. Hyder decided to transition to outpatient primary care. She made the decision to leave her big box hospital position and started looking at her primary care setting options.

Hyder, who had known she wanted to be a doctor even as a young child, feels that the current healthcare environment does not allow physicians to spend adequate time with patients. “I wanted ample time with my patients, simple and transparent billing, and the opportunity to help optimize lifestyles,” she states. “What I was finding was that as a full time doctor (in the outpatient setting), I would be seeing 25 or more patients a day, with an average 7.5 minutes to spend with each patient. I would get incentivized to see even more, and penalized if I consistently saw less, or if I fell behind in the piles of paperwork that I needed to fill out for insurance companies.”

Dr. Hyder believes that the heart of good care is in having adequate time to evaluate, diagnose and then counsel patients. “Our most pressing health issues are chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity,” she states. “These cannot be addressed in an 8 minute visit or by a pill. Studies show that a strong patient-doctor relationship dramatically impacts people’s ability to control or even reverse chronic disease.” In her years of working in the hospital, Dr. Hyder saw the end-points of chronic disease and often thought that “if only this patient had good care to begin with. This [disease endpoint] could have been avoided.”

As a passion-driven individual propelled by the strength of her own personal ethics and vision, Dr. Hyder made the decision to start her own unique ideal practice in the heart of of Schaumburg, IL. Hyder grew up in neighboring Streamwood, and attended K - 12 in the Schaumburg school districts. She says, “When I made the decision to leave the big hospital system, I knew I wanted to come home to open a practice where I would be creating deep roots, in a community that I know and love.” Her mission is to create a practice that is truly focused on providing comprehensive, affordable and accessible care to everyone.

As she began to create her practice blueprint, Dr. Hyder found the Direct Primary Care, or DPC, model to best fit her vision. DPC model provides direct-to-consumer medical care, cutting out the middleman by not billing insurance and providing patients with affordable and convenient memberships instead. The motivation behind this archetype is to help build a genuine relationship between doctors and patients, all while providing cost-effective, comprehensive, personalized care. Dr. Hyder’s clinic also provides labwork, imaging and prescriptions to its members at wholesale costs. Patients are often surprised how affordable and convenient the membership based model is. They are also surprised when their doctor routinely spends 30 to 90 minutes in direct care with them.

This model also allows traditional MD’s to better utilize integrative treatment methods. For example, Dr. Hyder has created a yoga and meditation space into her clinic and classes are included in her membership. She is also creating community partnerships with local businesses to provide her patients with discounts for massage therapy, mental health services and chiropractic services.

Though the DPC practices are quickly growing in demand becoming trendy in West Coast markets like Los Angeles and Denver, there are very few offices who follow this model in Illinois. As an early adopter in this industry, Dr. Hyder hopes to help pave the way for both doctors and patients alike who value quality, integrative care that truly improves the health of our communities. Dr. Hyder’s clinic is first of its kind in Schaumburg.

“For the first time in a long time, I am so happy being a doctor,” states Hyder. “I love being able to interact with my patients without feeling rushed. I love providing care that takes away ‘The Fear of the Big Bill’ and genuinely feel like I am making a positive impact in my patient’s lives.” Hyder feels like she is practicing the kind of medicine she dreamed of when she went to medical school. To help introduce her growing practice and the demand for DPC doctors, Dr. Hyder and her team will celebrating the grand opening of her practice IdealAccessMD in the Chicago-Suburb of Schaumburg. Dr. Hyder and team hopes the community can join her in celebrating at her upcoming event on August 24, 2018 from 4 pm to 8 pm at 14 W. Schaumburg Road in Schaumburg. All are welcome!

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