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Direct Primary Care (DPC) in Schaumburg, IL

At IdealAccessMD, we believe one of the most important elements of health care is to spend TIME with our patients. The time to listen to your concerns, time to research your symptoms in order to create a care plan that you understand and time to follow up appropriately. 

What is Direct Primary Care?

IdealAccessMD is a direct primary care (dpc) clinic.   DPC doctors do not bill insurance companies. We have a direct relationship with our patients through a unique monthly membership program.


The model is simple.  You pay your doctor a monthly fee which covers you for all of your visits. That means no co-pays and 360° access! You have access to your doctor via one-on-one visits, a secure telemedicine platform, emails, phone calls and text messages. You can usually get into your doctor’s office for same day or next day appointments! 

The IdealAccessMD Difference 

Comparing Direct Primary Care vs. Traditional Care

Average Time Spent

with Your Physician

30 - 60 Min.


7 - 14 Min. 

Average Number of Patient Panel 

500-800 Patients


2,500-10,000 Patients

Average Number of Daily Patients Seen 

8 -10 Patients



Average Cost of a Single Visit

One flat monthly fee that includes all of your visits

vs. co-pay per visit

IdealAccessMD offers personalized medical care. 

Today’s healthcare environment often does not allow for patients to feel like they have adequate time with their doctor. Patients often complain of long wait times in packed waiting rooms for only a few minutes with the actual physician. In fact, the national average time a doctor spends with a patient is 7 minutes!  A visit is often over before a patient really has the chance to talk about why they came to the doctor in the first place! At IdealAccessMD, we are committed to listening to you and to allowing plenty of time for your questions and concerns 

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