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  • What is Direct Primary Care?
    Direct Primary Care (or DPC) is an innovative healthcare model where patients are charged a monthly fee that covers most primary care services. DPC focuses on putting the patient first and restoring the patient-doctor relationship. That means treating the patient when they need care in a timely fashion, never rushing through appointments, and being proactive in creating treatment plans. For a flat monthly fee, you get unlimited office visits with no copays, direct access to your doctor by cell phone, text, email, or video chat allowing for same or next day encounters, extended office visits, access to discounts on labs, pathology, and imaging, all without the need for insurance. Direct primary care practices do not bill insurance for their services. We also are not currently able to see Medicare or Medicare eligible patients. If you carry insurance that covers medications and other services, you can certainly use it independently of our office services.
  • With DPC membership do I still need insurance?
    Yes. There are types of care we cannot provide for you, such as surgeries and hospital stays, and you would still need insurance to cover these emergency situations. We suggest you opt for a lower cost, higher deductible plan that would still offer you coverage, but would lower your monthly premium. Health Share plans like Liberty Health Share are also becoming popular and it may be of value to look into those. With Direct Primary Care, you would not need to worry about meeting a deductible, since you will not need it for any of the care we provide for you, and this could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on health costs. Think of our membership fee as a way to help cap your medical expenses.
  • What if I don't have insurance?
    IdealAccessMD would be a good place for you to receive all of your primary care needs at a low monthly fee. This is regardless of your insurance status! We do recommend low cost, high-deductible insurance for rare things like surgeries, true emergencies requiring ER or hospital admissions and illness such as cancer.
  • Is this Concierge Medicine?
    Not exactly. While the two types of models are similar, they are not synonymous. Generally, in a concierge practice, the patient typically pays a higher retainer fee plus other health insurance plan obligations (e.g., co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses) and the practice continues to bill the patient's insurance carrier. In DPC, we do not bill insurance. We also charge a lower monthly fee.
  • How can Dr. Hyder promise to spend so much time with her patients?
    Traditional practices have thousands of patients in their panel. DPC practices limit their panels to an average of 500-800 patients. This translates to fewer daily patient interactions and an opportunity for the physician to really get to know their patients as individuals, not just a disease.
  • Will I benefit from IdealAccessMD even if I'm healthy and never see the doctor?
    Yes! Being healthy is a great! But shouldn't your doctor also focus on helping you prevent disease and maintain wellness? When was the last time you had an in-depth preventative wellness visit? Or looked into the benefits of yoga and meditation? Or attended a lecture reviewing what vitamins you should be taking and why? Or had a question about the latest diet on the market and wanted to turn to someone other than Dr. Google? Remember, health is not just the absence of disease! While we always provide sick care for our patients, it is also important to be proactive and create plans for staying healthy. Certainly, everyone benefits from healthcare tailored to them. ​ There is nothing standing in the way of calling us, seeing us the same day or next day, or simply asking a quick question by text. Even while you are traveling you can use our technology at no additional cost. Imagine not having to worry about finding an urgent care or wondering about a provider’s skill level when you get sick away from home!
  • Do you charge additional fees for people who have a lot of health problems?
    Our monthly membership fees are the same price for every patient within a given age group, regardless of pre-existing conditions. Some labs, tests, and procedures may cost extra but we will provide wholesale pricing on these. People with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease are great candidates for a DPC practice as these are the patients that need lifestyle modifications and close follow up the most. You can be seen frequently by the doctor without having to worry about co-pays and long waits between visits or in the office. We can work on monitoring you closely for lifestyle changes that could make a huge impact on your health.
  • What if I need to see a specialist?
    Your primary care doctor should be able to cover 85% of your healthcare needs via preventive visits, consistent follow up and targeted treatment. At IdealAccessMD, we have the ability to have longer visits to truly discuss your health issue. We also have the time to research your concerns in depth. Your membership also includes e-consults with specialists through RubiconMD in an effort to decrease the need for formal referrals. This connects your doctor with a specialist in 4 hours on average versus the 4-6 week typical wait time. Of course, if you still need to be seen by a specialist, we will refer you.
  • Do you prescribe “regular” medications?
    Yes. Dr. Hyder is a fully licensed, board certified Internist. She is able to prescribe medications directly to your pharmacy. She is also maintains a small in house pharmacy that covers a range of “typical” medications that she can fill for you at the time of your visit. The cost of medications is not covered in your membership but, as a rule, she is able to provide them at significantly discounted pricing.
  • Are there any contract commitments?
    We will charge you the equivalent of 3 months’ membership if you have received an annual comprehensive exam and then decide to cancel. We ask that you commit for a year at a time. If you decide to cancel early, we request a 30 day notice in writing. At that point, you cannot rejoin our practice for 1 year and would need to go on our waiting list. However, we absolutely understand that life circumstances can dramatically change for the worse, and we will do what we can to help you.
  • What are the benefits of membership with IdealAccessMD?
    Along with unparalleled access to your doctor, we strive to maintain a model of medicine that sees you as a whole person. Lifestyle stress takes a toll on even healthy individuals. At IdealAccessMD we are committed to working with you to managing stress and bringing balance to your life. For example, we have created a unique space for classes and the practice of meditation and yoga right in our clinic. We are planning monthly lectures with topics that our patients have requested to learn more about. And we are working with ancillary health providers in the area to bring you discounted access to their services. You don’t have to be “sick” to come see the doctor! You can come to learn more about staying healthy! Isn’t that a revolutionary idea?
  • Does Dr. Hyder take time off?
    Yes. She will typically take 3 weeks off every year to recharge and rest. She will address her patient’s routine needs (ongoing visits, immunizations, medication refills) prior to leaving. If an urgent need arises, we will connect you to one of her trusted colleagues in the area for further guidance and direction. Additionally, she will generally be checking emails wherever she happens to be.
  • What do you NOT do?
    We do not carry narcotics in our office. We also do not provide prenatal care (obstetrics).
  • More Questions?
    We are happy to answer them! Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 224-428-6532.
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