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Business Membership:

add value, save money, and create a way for your employees to get and stay healthy!

Membership Medicine

IdealAccessMD is a unique membership based clinic with a focus on keeping our patients healthy. For an affordable monthly fee, patients have unlimited visits, no co-pays, and annual exams with labs are included. Companies are increasingly adopting the membership model for their employees' primary care needs. Our plan is comprehensive with transparent pricing and offers great ROI and  convenience.

Employer Value

  • Promote an environment of wellness at your business

  • DPC reduces absenteeism and offers convenience

  • The model is affordable and ultimately saves you money

  • Offering a comprehensive primary care plan can be a great recruiting and retention tool

  • Convenient access to healthcare improves productivity

Employee Value

  • Save co-pays of $25-$50 (PPO plans)

  • Save full doctor visit fees of $150-$350 (HDHP plans)

  • Save hours away from work for doctor visits

  • Text message w/doctor to get input and guidance on the go

  • Telemedicine platform makes healthcare access even more convenient 

The IdealAccessMD Model

In an on-demand world, it makes sense to have a healthcare model that is accessible and affordable.  Our model is simple.  You pay your doctor a monthly fee which covers you for all of your visits. That means no co-pays and 360° access! You have access to your doctor via one-on-one visits, a secure telemedicine platform, emails, phone calls and text messages. You can usually get into your doctor’s office for same day or next day appointments! Isn't that easy?  The core of our model is about good, old fashioned patient care.  

 IdealAccessMD Benefits

1:1 Relationship w/Dedicated Doctor

Personalized Annual Exam with Lab work

Unlimited Visits

Convenient access with text messaging, email and telemedicine 

Acute & Chronic Condition Care

Additional labs and meds at wholesale prices

Specialist Referrals and coordination

Wellness lectures and yoga/meditation/physical therapy classes  available 

Pricing for groups of 5 or more*

$59/per employee per month 

Enrollment fee:

$250 for the first 10 employees

$100 for every 5 additional employees

*Based on a 12 month commitment

*Employees must be on a single account

*Discount extended to spouses/family members over age 16

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