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“I wanted a healthcare model that allowed me to spend more time with my patients.” Dr. Hyder


At the heart of my passion and practice of medicine is the well being of my patients. 

I believe one of the essential elements of achieving true well-being is to have TIME with you.  I wanted to create my “dream” practice - a place where I could work as a teacher, a healer, and a resource for my patients at a pace that is mutually beneficial to us.  This motivation is how IdealAccessMD came into existence.


I spent many years of my life studying to become a doctor. I never questioned the time I dedicated to studying because I sincerely believe medicine to be my calling in this life.  I love what I do! But after practicing in the hospital setting for nearly a decade, I felt that I had drifted away from “why” I became a doctor. From my years of experience in hospital care, I have learned that most people don't just “get sick” overnight. It takes years, even decades, for the body to deteriorate to the point of chronic illness. 


I realized that if I wanted to help people prevent or reverse chronic illness, I needed to focus my practice in the outpatient world.  When I was making the decision to leave inpatient hospital-based medicine, I researched opportunities where I would be able to have the freedom to truly educate and collaborate with my patients. I discovered the Direct Primary Care model and decided to establish a DPC practice in Schaumburg, IL.  

"My patients deserve quality time with their doctor."

The heart of DPC is establishing the doctor-patient relationship through reasonable cost of care, direct access and extended visits. My goal is to not only serve as your doctor when you’re sick, but to be your partner in keeping you healthy.  In order to do this, you have to learn to trust that, as your doctor, I will be there for you.  This is my sincerest effort to bring the best of who I am to you. I consider it a privilege to be your doctor and look forward to welcoming you to IdealAccessMD!


Warmest regards,

Dr. Hyder 

Dr. Hyder received her MD with High Honors at Ross University School of Medicine in the West Indies in 2006. She completed a 4 year, dual residency training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Michigan State University - Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2010.  She holds unrestricted licenses to practice in Illinois and its surrounding states.  She has honed her practice to work with patients over age 16.  She is board certified in Internal Medicine. ​



Dr. Hyder was raised in the Schaumburg area. After being away for several years for school, training, and work, she recently moved back to establish IdealAccessMD as a direct primary care physician in Schaumburg, IL.  Her roots in Schaumburg run deep and she is looking forward to being involved in the community and to getting to know its members.  When she is not doctoring, Dr. Hyder can be found enjoying time the greatest adventure of her life - her 3-year-old daughter.  

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